Personal Service - Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Insider Telecom saved me from the big phone companies! If you're like me, you dread the idea of calling up one of the big phone companies and getting stuck in their infinite loop of robo-prompts, only to be told they might come out in two weeks, sometime between midnight and next month. Chuck King explained exactly what would be involved and made an appointment that fit my schedule. The Insider Telecom phones are highly customizable, work great, and save me tons of money. For me, there's no other choice!"

Nicklaus Suino
Director - Stone Robot Enterprises

Quality & Service - Garden City, Michigan

“We have had Insider Telecoms VOIP system now for 3 years and it has been more than we expected. We have 7 phones and I can count the downtime in minutes on one hand. Rock solid and extremely fast and accurate customer service. I highly recommend Chuck King and Insider Telecom for any of your phone needs.”

Ed Duprey
Great Lakes Trophies & Engravings of Garden City Michigan

Competent Service - Ypsilanti, Michigan

“CHS Group has worked with Insider Telecom for close to three years because they are responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with!”

Jill Jackson
CHS Group Ypsilanti

Dedicated Service - Ypsilanti, Michigan

“Insider Telecom is our phone service provider, and we could not be happier with our decision. Previously we had AT&T, they cost a fortune and had terrible customer service. On the rare occasions we have had phone issues, the staff at Insider Telecom has been prompt and friendly solving our problems without trying to sell us something. You get to speak with a real live person who knows what they are talking about! During one of our business emergencies (we had a water main break) Chuck (our "phone guy") came out and helped us with some of the logistics so we could open the next day. We love the neighborly approach and friendly relationship, they really know us and our needs. "

Diana Kontoyiannakis - Director of Little Angels Preschool and Daycare

Why Choose VoIP?

VoIP is a simplification of the telephone network. It is especially effective for small businesses. Standard telephone service requires a number of physical wires run into your facility equal to the number of phones you plan to use concurrently. If you already have an internet connection in your facility, no additional wires are required to add many virtual phone lines. Using VoIP saves your business time, money, and provides access to advanced features.

Local Quality VoIP Service - Ann Arbor

"Please be advised that we have used telephone service provided by Insider Telecom for the last several years. We have found the service reliable and the cost very reasonable. Chuck King and his staff are always helpful and proactive in providing the best service possible. I heartily recommend their service."

Rick Buhr - Owner The Sports Bar West Side

Traditional Phone lines are a hassle and cost you time, money, and limit your access to 21st Century features.

VoIP uses your network to improve communications and save you money.




VoIP is a simplification of the telephone network. It is especially effective for small businesses. It runs over your existing Ethernet, just like your computers do, saving wiring costs. It can also run over your existing internet service provider, which results in a simpler connection to the global telecommunications network. This also provides great savings and new features!

You can have the flexibility of a large expensive phone system and reduce your costs for phone service at the same time. Want to have your own custom hold music? No problem with Insider Telecom. Want certain phone numbers to ring certain phones? No a problem at all, we do it every day. Would you like new calls to ring your desk phone and your cell phone, but only during business hours, we can do it. The options are nearly endless, and are included in your monthly fees.

Do you like to sign 2 or 3 year contracts with the major players? Well not with us. Competition drives innovation, we don’t want you locked into a multiyear contract; we want you to stay with us because we are the best. Your feedback makes us work hard to constantly improve.