Restaurants have a number of different work flow areas.  Back office, greeter station, bar area, and kitchen space.  They often also need a mobile person to have immediate access to answering or using the phone system.  Like most retail store fronts they also have POS and credit card processors.  Again, this is an environment were space is at a premium.  Smaller phones that have basic features are preferred over complex instruments with buttons that have no value to these users.

Polycom 3xx phones for desktops        Desktop Phones - 2 Line small footprint

Message waiting indicator, transfer calls, park calls, conference calling, missed call list. Simple to use.

Fax Line Adapter          Fax line adapter

Cordless of mobile managers           A Cordless phone for managers on the move

We have two models of Fax Line Adapter that we have found to work reliably with VoIP. Combined with our reliable interconnection strategy, YES fax works with VoIP.
Restaurants generally want calls answered by staff during the day and a voicemail message take at night.  Night mode is a very flexible feature of our environment.
Custom Music on Hold - Many B2B companies want their customers to hear about their services in the rare cases they are holding for service. No problem.
Voicemail to Email. Normally all of the office staff have their own extension voicemail. Each one can receive an audio file recording of a voice mail sent to their email address.
Onsite installation - We will set up all the equipment for you. When we leave your phones will be making calls. Simple simple simple.
Primary team members, owners, lead sales, etc... can have their own phone numbers that can not only ring to their desk phone, but also their cell phones in a number of configurations.

Credit Card Processor - To move to VoIP the credit card processors will need to be moved to internet ready versions.  These machines are being replaced in most facilities right now due to the chipped card requirement and new equipment will be internet ready.




VoIP is a simplification of the telephone network. It is especially effective for small businesses. It runs over your existing Ethernet, just like your computers do, saving wiring costs. It can also run over your existing internet service provider, which results in a simpler connection to the global telecommunications network. This also provides great savings and new features!

You can have the flexibility of a large expensive phone system and reduce your costs for phone service at the same time. Want to have your own custom hold music? No problem with Insider Telecom. Want certain phone numbers to ring certain phones? No a problem at all, we do it every day. Would you like new calls to ring your desk phone and your cell phone, but only during business hours, we can do it. The options are nearly endless, and are included in your monthly fees.

Do you like to sign 2 or 3 year contracts with the major players? Well not with us. Competition drives innovation, we don’t want you locked into a multiyear contract; we want you to stay with us because we are the best. Your feedback makes us work hard to constantly improve.