About Insider Telecom

Our goal is to help small businesses become more competitive. By providing excellent service and insight into how to use current phone features we help small businesses compete with big businesses. We want to help small businesses access big business tools, while keeping prices within reach. When you join our group of customers you can take advantage of our inside knowledge of the best and more cost effective ways to use your phones. Join us and become an insider.

To us, community is the key. We believe that small businesses should help other small businesses unite to compete with the big guys. Spending money with other local businesses increases the chances of that money staying in our community and helping us all. This increases the assets of not only local individuals but also local charities.




VoIP is a simplification of the telephone network. It is especially effective for small businesses. It runs over your existing Ethernet, just like your computers do, saving wiring costs. It can also run over your existing internet service provider, which results in a simpler connection to the global telecommunications network. This also provides great savings and new features!

You can have the flexibility of a large expensive phone system and reduce your costs for phone service at the same time. Want to have your own custom hold music? No problem with Insider Telecom. Want certain phone numbers to ring certain phones? No a problem at all, we do it every day. Would you like new calls to ring your desk phone and your cell phone, but only during business hours, we can do it. The options are nearly endless, and are included in your monthly fees.

Do you like to sign 2 or 3 year contracts with the major players? Well not with us. Competition drives innovation, we don’t want you locked into a multiyear contract; we want you to stay with us because we are the best. Your feedback makes us work hard to constantly improve.