Products and Services

Insider Telecom is a combination of a phone system integrator and phone service provider. There are two options for our VoIP phone service.

The first option preserves your existing phone setup. So if you’re happy with your phones, keep them! We’ll take care of reducing your total monthly bill and possibly adding some other features too.

The second option is a do over. We bring in state-of-the-art industry-standard phones with all of the newest features. And you’re not even required to purchase the phones!

Grandstream Industry-Standard Desktop Phones

With excellent features and a small footprint, this phone is the workhorse of the VoIP service industry. Its professional appearance will let your customers and staff know they deserve only the very best.


Siemens High Quality Cordless DECT phone

This phone boasts tremendous range, audio-quality, and battery life. It comes with a power charger that can be plugged in separately from the base, so you can cradle your phone anywhere!

Grandstream Wave

This iPhone and Android compatible softphone enables you to use your smartphone as an extension on your office phone system. It allows for inbound and outbound dialing, place on hold and call transfers.

Features: Caller ID display, forwarding, ring groups and the ability to have a unique telephone number.

Cisco / Linksys ATA Line Device

Do you still have a need for faxing capabilities? This device connects up to two high-quality phone lines directly to your existing telecommunication assets, including your fax machine. Port your existing fax number or receive a new toll free number.

This device can also connect to your current phone system. So if you love the system you have, go ahead and keep it while still enjoying the cost savings of a VoIP system!